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The gastrointestinal (GI) tract is essential to good health. It represents your “fuel line” by which your body extracts nutrients from your food to repair and build new cells. The GI tract is home to 70% of your immune system, which protects you from invasion from within and outside of your body. Beneficial bacteria enhance immune function and help with digestion. Amazingly, the human body contains an estimated 100 trillion bacterial cells from 500 species. When a person consumes an unhealthy diet or has taken frequent antibiotics, it often disrupts the balance in favor of the unfriendly bacteria. Various products are available to help promote beneficial bacteria, provide digestive enzymes and sooth inflammation. Dr. Marina Johnson also offers Zinlori, a patented nutritional solutions for Gerd and acid reflux.
Dr. Marina Johnson Natural Gastric Support
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Dr. Marina Johnson Natural Gastric Support
Natural Gastric Support contains a high potency zinc-carnosine complex formulated to provide relief of gastric discomfort. Zinc-carnosine supports the healthy ecology, natural defenses, and integrity of the gastric mucosal lining. 60 Tablets
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