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Natural Sleep Support 30 Capsules

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Manufacturer: Dr. Marina Johnson
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Dr. Marina Johnson's Natural Sleep Support addresses restlessness and difficulty falling asleep with natural ingredients and without the side effects.

Valerian Root
Long known for its effect on anxiety and nervousness related sleeplessness, valerian root acts to promote smooth muscle relaxation due to increased GABA concentrations in the nerve endings.

Jujube Seed
Used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine, jujube has been scientifically shown to be an effective sleep aid, as well as promoting increased total sleep time in animal studies.

The dried flowering and fruiting tops of Passionflower are used in traditional herbal preparations for nervousness and difficulty sleeping. The flavonoid properties of Passionflower activate GABA receptors providing anxiolytic and sleep promoting values. During the early twentieth century, Passionflower was popular as a nervine tonic or herb (calmative) and was included in the United States National Formulary. Approved by the German Commission E, Passionflower is used extensively in Europe.

Theanine promotes rest while helping to reduce stress. Found in green and black teas, theanine has been shown to have a calmative effect in the brain. More recent studies have shown theanine has a counter balancing effect on caffeine in the body.
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