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Dr. Marina Johnson Reactive Magnesium

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Dr. Marina Johnson's brand Reactive Magnesium is a formulation designed for maximal absorption. Magnesium is essential for over 300 biological reactions in the body. Routine nutritional supplementation with magnesium can be an important part of physical well being since it is widely lacking in the American diet.

Magnesium plays a critical biochemical role in the body. It is particularly essential to health of the cardiovascular system with much research documenting the need for magnesium to help coordinate function of the heart muscle and nerve signals that are necessary for its proper working. Magnesium has a role in the prevention of heart attack, stroke, irregular heartbeats and helps to control blood pressure by its action on the smooth muscles of the blood vessel walls. Magnesium also functions in activation of enzymes, creation of energy, regulation of calcium and contributes to strong teeth and bones.

To ensure optimal absorption, Dr. Johnson insisted on chelated reacted magnesium from Albion Laboratories. In the Albion patented process, magnesium is surrounded by amino acids, which facilitate the absorption of the magnesium into the cell. Our product uses only the finest reacted magnesium from Albion, guaranteeing they are the correct particle size, pH stable and electrically neutral so as not to complete with other dietary components.

Suggested Use: 2 or more capsules per day with meals or as recommended by your health care professional.

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Dr. Marina Johnson Brand Reacted Essential Minerals with patented chelated mineral formula from Albion Laboratories. Excellent for musculoskeletal health. 120 Capsules
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